Pacific Juniors Volleyball Club

Pacific Juniors Volleyball Club is proud to be located at Brackett Airport in La Verne, CA. Our facility contains 3 volleyball courts and a 1,000-sq./ft.-weight room.

What separates our club from others is our emphasis on our athlete’s overall health and fitness capacity. Each of our team’s practices will have one or two Pac Gym workouts that will be required an additional 30-60 minutes to their volleyball practices regardless of what team they have made. We believe every athlete in our club regardless of age, skill level and experience should have the same opportunities to grow. This workout is considered a part of their practice and our athletes are expected to attend them. During these workout sessions, our professional trainers will focus on taking our athletes to the next level of volleyball by building their strength, speed, endurance and explosiveness with a strong emphasis on injury prevention. We feel strongly that these workouts set our athlete’s apart from other clubs. Our trainers are at the top of their field with National Level Certifications, along with years of experience. Each Athlete will work on exercises that fit his or her age group, along with fitness level and need.

Volleyball is now a year round sport and we believe that our fitness program prepares athletes for the rigors of competition. We tailor our volleyball specific training to build our player’s fitness capacity, explosiveness, core strength and most importantly injury prevention. Our trainers are all Nationally Certified with years of training experience. They specialize in nutritional assessment, injury rehabilitation and overall strength training. We believe this training sets our athletes apart from the competition by not only being stronger and lasting longer, but by missing less time due to injury.

Our trainers use a variety of training programs such as plyometric, Olympic lifting, core training, stretching, rehabilitation and circuit training to help improve our athlete’s skills on the court as well as overall fitness capacity. All of these lifts and training programs are designed and made specifically for volleyball players. They are all based off of years of experience in training and research.