Parent & Chaperone Information

Team parent is a parent on your team that volunteers their time to organize team information and help the coach, players and parents to create a unified understanding of team information, requirements and goals.

For Girls Club:

The team parent can be either a mom or dad of a player on your team. However, if that team is participating in any travels for the season, it must be a mom. The reason we require this is because they will be expected to go in and out of players rooms on travels and players will most likely be more comfortable with a mom performing this duty.

For Boys Club:

The team parent can be either mom or dad for teams that do or do not travel.

Team Parent Duties:

Team parents are to make team rosters that have both parent and player information on it. They are to keep the roster updated and disperse it to the team.

The team parent is responsible for creating a food distribution list if the team chooses to do a potluck at tournaments.

They have chaperone responsibilities on team tournaments, including JO’s, AAU’s, NCVA JNQ and Phoenix Festival. Parents are still be responsible for their player at local SCVA tournaments).

Team parent should remind the players and parents of any announcements from the head coach or the club ( information, tournament site change, team meetings, meal site/time and departure time from hotel or playing site.

Team parents are not responsible for looking up directions of SCVA weekly tournaments for parents. Parents need to learn to use the SCVA site for all tournament locations and directions. Coaches are responsible for telling the team where their tournament is at and what time to be there. However, as noted above, team parents should remind the team of the coach’s announcement.

Consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs while responsible for the chaperoning of players is prohibited. You are responsible for the players at all times and should be sober and prepared for any unexpected emergencies that may arise.

Team parents must carry each players medical paperwork at all times.

Team parent are to organize social events before, during and after the season’s end. No team bonding or social events are to occur without the team parent’s involvement and coach’s approval.

The Club books and pays for the team parents hotels on travels. Reimbursement for travel expenses are partial and will be confirmed and approved by club administration.

Parents are expected to help carpool players to and from the hotel and playing sites on all travel tournaments. Van transportation for teams is not included in tuition and must be covered by parents if the team chooses to use them.

Team parents are volunteers who want to help make their child’s team season successful. Please make sure you are not being overworked by anyone who does not want to help