At Pacific Juniors Volleyball Club we provide a wide variety of programs. The club carries 16 girls teams ranging from the ages of 10-18 years old, as well as 3 boys teams ranging from 14-18 Years old.  In addition to our club teams Pacific Juniors offers clinics, camps, and indoor beach volleyball.

Little Breakers

Our Little Breakers program is the premier training program in the Inland Empire. Designed by Master Coach Jack Coberly who has over 50 years of volleyball experience and has coached multiple Olympians, the program is designed to teach the skill of volleyball by making it fun! Breakers is broken up into age groups and they are taught the game using different height nets and weighted balls to suit the age group.

Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball at Pacific Juniors  consists of seasonal session programs and open gym nights to allow for beach to be played year round on our brand new indoor beach court.  During the summer, weekly tournaments are held on Friday nights with food, music, and lots of fun.

Private Lessons

Interested in getting some one-on-one instruction? All of the coaches at Pacific Juniors are available for private instruction. If you have a coach in mind you can contact them directly. If you are unsure of which coach to get lessons with, need contact information, or need help with who would be best for you, contact Sean at to help guide you.

Rates and availability vary by coach.


Clinics and Camps provide a fun and friendly environment to learn skills by focusing on fundamental techniques, high repetitions, and structured play.  Clinics and camps vary by age and skill level to properly accommodate the level and instruction needed to provide the best training possible to each player.

Summer Programs

Looking to improve your volleyball skills during the summer? Pacific Juniors offers a variety of different summer programs. These programs include weekly skill clinics, 3 Day position workshops, and under 14 summer volleyball camps.


Pacific Juniors Volleyball carries 16 girls teams ranging from the ages of 10-18 years old, as well as 3 boys teams ranging from 14-18 years old. In order to join one of these teams players have to try out. Tryouts are held beginning in August through October for each year. For more information on trying out for our club visit our tryout page or contact us directly.